Aggregation Analysis Antimicrobial resistance prediction Calculation Chimera detection Classification Clustering Coding region prediction Codon usage analysis Codon usage table comparison Codon usage table formatting Codon usage table generation Comparison Conversion Correlation Cross-assembly Database search Data handling Data retrieval Dendrogram visualisation De-novo assembly Differential gene expression profiling DNA barcoding DNA mapping Ecological modelling Editing Enrichment analysis Filtering Format detection Formatting Format validation Gene component prediction Gene expression QTL analysis Gene functional annotation Gene methylation analysis Gene prediction Gene regulatory network analysis Gene regulatory network prediction Gene-set enrichment analysis Genetic code prediction Genetic mapping Genetic variation analysis Genome annotation Genome assembly Genome comparison Genome indexing Global alignment Haplotype mapping Heat map generation Image analysis Imputation Indel detection Map drawing Mapping Mapping assembly Modelling and simulation Multilocus sequence typing Multiple sequence alignment Natural product identification Nucleic acid feature detection Nucleic acid property calculation Nucleic acid sequence analysis Nucleic acid sequence comparison Nucleic acid sequence feature detection Operation Pairwise sequence alignment Parsing Phylogenetic analysis Phylogenetic inference Phylogenetic inference (from molecular sequences) Phylogenetic tree visualisation Protein function prediction Protein interaction network analysis Protein modelling Protein quantification Protein sequence feature detection Protein SNP mapping Protein structure prediction Protein structure validation Quantification Query and retrieval Read mapping Repeat sequence analysis RNA-Seq quantification RNA-seq read count analysis Scaffolding Sequence alignment Sequence alignment analysis Sequence alignment refinement Sequence alignment visualisation Sequence analysis Sequence annotation Sequence assembly Sequence assembly validation Sequence clustering Sequence comparison Sequence complexity calculation Sequence composition calculation Sequence conversion Sequence coordinate conversion Sequence cutting Sequence database search Sequence distance matrix generation Sequence editing Sequence feature detection Sequence file editing Sequence masking Sequence merging Sequence motif analysis Sequence motif comparison Sequence motif discovery Sequence motif recognition Sequence profile generation Sequence similarity search Sequence tag mapping Sequence trimming Sequence visualisation Sequence word comparison Sequencing quality control SNP detection Sorting Spectrum calculation Splitting Standardisation and normalisation Statistical calculation Statistical inference Structural motif discovery Structure clustering Taxonomic classification Text annotation Translation initiation site prediction Tree-based sequence alignment Validation Variant calling Visualisation