Peptide Shaker Perform protein identification using various search engines based on results from SearchGUI


Version Tool Shed Owner Galaxy instances where the tool is available
2.0.9+galaxy0 galaxyp
2.0.33+galaxy1 galaxyp
2.0.25+galaxy0 galaxyp
2.0.18+galaxy0 galaxyp
2.0.15+galaxy0 galaxyp
1.16.4 galaxyp
1.16.4 galaxyp galaxyp galaxyp
1.16.36 galaxyp
1.16.32 galaxyp
1.16.3 galaxyp
1.16.26 galaxyp
1.16.26 galaxyp
1.16.20 galaxyp
1.16.17 galaxyp
1.16.0 galaxyp
1.11.0 galaxyp
1.10.0 Tool version not installed from a tool shed.
It may not be suitable for reproducible research.