Map with minimap2 A fast pairwise aligner for genomic and spliced nucleotide sequences


Sequence alignment
Version Tool Shed Owner Galaxy instances where the tool is available
2.5+gx1 iuc
2.5 iuc
2.4.1 iuc
2.4 iuc
2.3 iuc
2.24+galaxy0 iuc
2.23+galaxy0 iuc
2.22+galaxy0 iuc
2.20+galaxy2 iuc
2.20+galaxy1 iuc
2.20+galaxy0 iuc
2.17+galaxy4 iuc
2.17+galaxy3 iuc
2.17+galaxy2 iuc
2.17+galaxy1 iuc
2.17+galaxy0 iuc
2.17 iuc
2.12 iuc