Pangolin Phylogenetic Assignment of Outbreak Lineages


Version Tool Shed Owner Galaxy instances where the tool is available
4.2+galaxy0 iuc
4.1.3+galaxy0 iuc
4.1.2+galaxy0 iuc
4.1.1+galaxy0 iuc
4.0.5+galaxy2 iuc
4.0.5+galaxy1 iuc
4.0.5+galaxy0 iuc
3.1.7+galaxy0 iuc
3.1.4+galaxy1 iuc
3.1.4+galaxy0 iuc
3.1.20+galaxy0 iuc
3.1.19+galaxy0 iuc
3.1.17+galaxy1 iuc
3.1.17+galaxy0 iuc
3.1.16+galaxy0 iuc
3.1.14+galaxy0 iuc
3.1.14+galaxy0 iuc
3.1.11+galaxy0 iuc
3.1.11+galaxy0 iuc
3.0.3+galaxy0 iuc
2.3.8+galaxy1 iuc
2.3.8 iuc