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Tool Description Topics Available version(s)
Circos: Stack bigWigs as Histogram reformats for use in Circos stacked histogram plots Formatting 6
Copernicus Atmosphere Data Store for retrieving data from the Atmosphere Monitoring Service Data retrieval Format detection Formatting 1
Copernicus Climate Data Store for retrieveing climate data Data retrieval Format detection Formatting 1
Copernicus Essential Climate Variables for assessing climate variability Data retrieval Format detection Formatting 2
Fasta to Phylip Convert fasta alignment file into phylip interleaved format with goalign Formatting 1
Filter data on any column using simple expressions Formatting 2
FROGS BIOM to std BIOM Converts a FROGS BIOM in fully compatible BIOM. Formatting 4
FROGS BIOM to TSV Converts a BIOM file in TSV file. Formatting 4
FROGS TSV_to_BIOM Converts a TSV file in a BIOM file. Formatting 4
velvetg Velvet sequence assembler for very short reads De-novo assembly Formatting 6
velveth Prepare a dataset for the Velvet velvetg Assembler De-novo assembly Formatting 6
XSeeker Preparator Prepare RData file from CAMERA to be visualized in XSeeker Formatting Parsing 7