12 tool(s) found

Tool Description Topics Available version(s)
Bionano Hybrid Scaffold automates the scaffolding process Genome assembly 5
Create assemblies with Unicycler Genome assembly 8
Flye assembly of long and error-prone reads Genome assembly 7
Merqury evaluate the assembly quality Genome assembly 2
Meryl a genomic k-mer counter and sequence utility Genome assembly 6
MitoHiFi assembly mitogenomes from Pacbio HiFi reads Genome assembly 1
SPAdes genome assembler for regular and single-cell projects Genome assembly 13
Trycycler cluster cluster the contigs of your input assemblies into per-replicon groups Genome assembly 4
Trycycler consensus generate a consensus contig sequence for each cluster Genome assembly 4
Trycycler partition assign the reads to the clusters Genome assembly 4
Trycycler reconcile/msa reconcile the contigs within each cluster and perform a multiple sequence alignment Genome assembly 4
Trycycler subsample make a maximally-independent read subsets of an appropiate depth for your genome Genome assembly 4