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Tool Description Topics Available version(s)
Coverage of a set of intervals on second set of intervals Comparison Filtering 5
Fetch closest non-overlapping feature for every interval Filtering 4
Filter SAM or BAM files on FLAG MAPQ RG LN or by region Filtering Nucleic acid sequence analysis 3
Filter sequences by length Filtering 5
Intersect the intervals of two datasets Filtering 7
Pick Fasta sequences with header satisfying a query string Filtering 2
Quality-aware fastq demultiplexer This program demultiplexes fastq data having "in-line" barcodes, based on a given list of barcodes and a barcode start position. It tries to assign each fastq record to the most likely barcode, taking into account the sequence qualities (interpreted as being Sanger-encoded). Filtering Splitting 1
Subtract the intervals of two datasets Filtering 7