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Tool Description Topics Available version(s)
CapsuleFinder Program that detects capsule systems with high accuracy in proteic sequences. It is based on the program MacsyFinder which uses HMM profiles for the detection of the essential proteins of capsule biogenesis. Coding region prediction 1
Cas_finder Detection and classification of Cas (CRISPR-associated) proteins using MacSyFinder. Coding region prediction 1
ConjScan MacSyFinder-based detection of Conjugative elements using systems modelling and similarity search Coding region prediction 1
fastacmd : retrieves FASTA formatted sequences from a blast database Coding region prediction 1
FragGeneScan Application for finding (fragmented) genes in short and Error-prone Reads. Coding region prediction 1
Prokka Prokaryotic genome annotation Coding region prediction Gene prediction Genome annotation 11
TXSScan MacSyFinder-based detection of protein secretion systems and related appendages using systems modelling and similarity search. Coding region prediction 1