NCBI BLAST+ rpsblast Search protein domain database (PSSMs) with protein query sequence(s)


Database search Data retrieval Sequence similarity search
Version Tool Shed Owner Galaxy instances where the tool is available
2.6.0 fmareuil
0.3.0 devteam
0.2.02 devteam
0.2.01 devteam
0.2.00 devteam
0.1.08 devteam
0.1.07 devteam
0.1.06 devteam
0.1.04 devteam
0.1.01 devteam
0.1.00 devteam
0.0.3 devteam
0.0.22 Tool version not installed from a tool shed.
It may not be suitable for reproducible research.
0.0.22 devteam