44 tool(s) found

Tool Description Topics Available version(s)
Chart Parser Parse the sentence using Chart Parser and a supplied grammar 1
Collocation Generates a list of the most frequent collocations from an input sequence 1
Compute Cepstrum using wrassp 1
Compute Formants using wrassp formant tracker 1
Compute Pitch using wrassp ksvF0 pitch tracker 1
Concatenate datasets tail-to-head (cat) 5
Create a Zip file from one or more datasets 1
Create text file with recurring lines 6
Cut columns from a table (cut) 6
Cut data from a timeseries 1
Find HVD words in Austalk for a single speaker 1
Frequency List Takes a text input and generates a frequency list 1
Get Alveo Data for Items Downloads files from the items in an Galaxy list of items 1
Get Item URLs for Item List Retrieves Item URLs from an Alveo Item List 1
Get Item URLs for Item List + API Key Stores API Key and Retrieves Item URLs from an Alveo Item List Version called directly from the Alveo web application 1
Get Text from Alveo Downloads primary text from the items in an Alveo Item List 1
Import Item List Names Retrieves the list of Item List URLs from Alveo. 1
Item List to BPF 1
Join two files 7
MAUS Align from BPF transcription 1
Multi-Join (combine multiple files) 6
Part of Speech Tagging Part of Speech tagging 1
PCA Principal Component Analysis using FactoMineR 1
Plot Vowels Using phonR to produce a Vowel Plot 1
Replace parts of text 6
Replace Text in entire line 6
Replace Text in a specific column 6
Search in textfiles (grep) 6
Search TextGrid to find matching segments 1
Select first lines from a dataset (head) 6
Select last lines from a dataset (tail) 6
Sentence Segmenter Segments the text input into separate sentences 1
Sort data in ascending or descending order 6
Sort a row according to their columns 6
Stemmer Takes a list of tokens and generates a list of word stems using one of the stemming algorithms 1
Store Alveo API Key for use with Alveo tools 1
tac reverse a file (reverse cat) 6
Text reformatting with awk 6
Text transformation with sed 6
Tokenize Text Split a text into words 1
Unfold columns from a table 6
Unique occurrences of each record 6
Unique lines assuming sorted input file 6
Upload File from your computer 2